Monday, February 18, 2013

Best Supplements for Men

If one use food supplements in a fair quantity then these supplements can prove to be very beneficial to their health. Normally, whatever food we intake have some or other nutrition in it but there are some effective elements of nutrition that men should take. These are obtained from various foods, herbs and supplements. Excessive usage of anything can lead to complication and same goes for supplements as well. Men should be careful about their diet so that they can meet their daily energy requirements for the hard work they do and can stay away from health issues. Below are some nutrition is which men should take daily, but before including these to their daily diets, consulting a doctor is recommended.
Supplements for Men: Omega 3
Omega 3 (with the nutrition like DHA and EPA) is one of the leading tablets that are made from fish oil. If men take this tablet regularly each day, this can be very beneficial to them. Omega 3 can control the HDL that is the cholesterol level, and can maintain the blood pressure. It also prevent the Triglycerides. You can even eat tuna and salmon fish, as these fishes are very nutritious to health.
Supplements for Men: Psyllium Husk
Psyllium Husk is very effective supplements, which maintain the sugar level in blood if you are diabetic. The husk also prevents you from fiber diabetes. It also affects the Suppress ghrelin, which controls the hunger level. Psyllium in from those supplements which control the LDL and FDA level of cholesterol. The use of this supplement daily 20 to 30 grams can be beneficial to your health. This supplement can be obtained from cereals.
Supplements for Men: Quercetin
Quercetin is best for heart. 500mg of Quercetin can make your heart work better. People who do not want to exercise and make sure to maintain good health can take this supplement. This supplement also increase your energy levels so that you can work without feeling tired. It is found in parsley, grapes, apples and onions.
Supplements for Men: Glucosamine
The use of Glucosamine 1500 mg can reduce pain in joints. As men work more they need more energy. More work and low energy levels result in of joint aches and weak bones. The Osteoarthritis of knees can also be prevented by taking this supplement regularly. Crustacean shells are the major source from which we obtain glucosamine.
Supplements for Men: Vitamin C
Vitamin C is usually not a regular part diets in much quantity. Men are always advised to take vitamin C to overcome related diseases. 500 mg daily for vitamin C can prevent the gaps in the joints, it also heals the wounds faster as claimed by the Centers for Disease Control and Preventions. Vitamin C is present in capsicum, broccoli sweet pepper and oranges.
Supplements for Men: SAMe
SAMe is a supplement, which is made in the body automatically. This is a type of dietary amino acid. Its main benefit is that it controls the depression and keeps the body smooth. It further prevents the joint aches and makes bones strong.
Supplements for Men: EGCG
EGCG is present in green tea. This supplement is anti accident supplement It controls cholesterol and can help you a lot in losing your weight. According to a latest research, it is known that green tea drops your weight 17 % more than exercise.
Magnesium is the best mineral found in the body, which keeps you away from hypertension and stress. 400 mg daily of this mineral can do a lot for make you stay active throughout the day. Especially men should regularly have this mineral.