Monday, February 18, 2013

Summer Drinks

Our country Pakistan has blessed with four beautiful seasons by the God. Pakistan consists of four provinces and the climate of those four is different from each other. Punjab is the most populated province that has very intense summer season. During summers, people feel exhausted and need external source of energy to accomplish their daily tasks. For that purpose, they drink different juices and shakes to quench their thirst and to get energy. People use to drink soft drinks like Pepsi and Coca Cola. These soft drinks are injurious to the health and contain high calories; all of us should avoid too much intake of these drinks.
The best source to quench the thirst is the fresh juices of fruits; it not only quenches your thirst but also provides you the energy to work for longer time. You have got many options in the categories of juices and shakes like mango, banana, and apple shake, “Falsa”, grapes and pomegranates juice. There are some vegetables that can be used for making juice like lemon, cucumber and mint. We are providing you the list of juices that can serve as the best drinks in summer.
Mint Juice:
Mint juice is totally free of calories and healthy to drink in summers. Take some mint leaves and boil them in four cups of water after that keep that water in refrigerator for 1 or 2 hours then you can drink or serve it.
Mango Shake:
Mango is king of summer fruits and the most loveable fruit of Pakistan. Mango is used to make juices of different special types like mango is used to makes shake with milk. Another way of making mango drink is following.
Take half cup of green tea, half cup of fats free yogurt and blend both of these things. Now mix it with one cup of mango slices,, half ts of honey and one cup ice cubes. Shake all these ingredients well. This shake will provide you 260 calories, 0 fats and 61 gm carbonates.
Watermelon juice:
People like to eat watermelon in summer because it gives a cooling effect in this hot season. Only some of us are aware of the fact that juice of watermelon is very tasty and healthy as well. One glass of watermelon juice transfers 150 calories.
Lemon & “Falsa” juice:
Lemon juice is very good to drink in summers to fight with the heat and sunstroke. You can also make lemon juice by mixing mint in it. Falsa is also a most popular and tasty drink that can save you from the heat.
One of the most favorite drink of Pakistan is “Lassi” and very healthy to drink in this hot season. You can make Lassi by mixing four cups of yogurt, one cup milk, one cup sugar, water and ice cubes in a blender.