Monday, February 18, 2013

Healthy Foods for Heart

Heart related diseases are very common these days and almost every family has a heart patient. Still most of the people do not know how to keep their heart healthy. Heart is the central organ of the human body that pumps the blood, requires special care and attention to keep it healthy and lively. Many edible items that we have around us are very beneficial for the heart keeping it healthy and working smoothly for long time.
Making a routine of taking such healthy food for heart can add many years to life and life to the year as well. Body muscles and bones require energy to work accurately and the organs get that energy from the food. Energy that human beings get from the food is the nutritive value of that food. Heart is the most important organ of the living organisms because it circulates, purifies the deoxygenated blood and transmits it to the whole body. We can say that the heart is the main organ of the body and we should follow the following instructions to be in the pink and fine.
• For the appropriate working of heart and other body parts exercise is very necessary.
• Alcohol is the biggest enemy of the life. Therefore one should avoid it.
• Keep yourself out of stress and away from mental tension because it is harmful not only for the heart but also for other systems of humans.
• Fish, fresh vegetables and low fats food are healthy to eat. Fish has Omega 3 fatty acid that prevents the blood clotting and helps the heart to perform its work by the book. Sea fish is very healthy food, especially Tuna that has very affective liver oil and it is advised that one should eat Tuna twice a week.
• Eat fresh green vegetables daily or you can use those vegetables as salad.
• Use olive oil instead of other cooking oil, it balances the blood circulation.
• You must have heard that “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. So you should eat apple, it provides the essential vitamins and proteins to the muscles. Apples can be used in salad or milk shake.
• Almond is enriched with the vitamin E, proteins and other nutritious oils.
• Tomato has vitamins that reduce the chances of heart diseases so you should include tomatoes in the salad.
• Mustered leaves are the best way to protect you from heart attack and other problems.
Green vegetables like spinach are very affective to clean the blood and provide energy and strength to the heart.