Monday, February 18, 2013

Yoga for Weight Loss

Yoga for weight loss is very popular over the world. Yoga is the best exercise to lose weight and maintains healthy life. India is considered as the birth place of Yoga. From elders to teens every one is worried about keeping their figures in shape. That is why, today yoga is one of the most excepted and desired exercise all over the world. People who could not approach the yoga trainer try to learn it through internet or other media facilities.
The word yoga means to merge or to connect. This is a process of connection between the soul and body. To attain discipline, mental satisfaction, reduction in nerve stress and self-control yoga is the best exercise to do. Because of it, mind stress as well as body stress is reduced to a large extent. It enhances body flexibility and gives it an attractive look, which makes you look attractive and smart. It not only reduces body stress but also makes your body more strong and durable. For reduction in body weight, it is a very beneficial exercise. It is always advices by expertise and physicians that yoga helps to reduce weight and live a healthy life. People fed up of fat must try yoga.
Here is a small yoga tip so that you can control this fatness problem. This exercise must be done on a clean carpet or mat and wear easy and loose dresses for the exercise. First of all take a block and hold it from both ends. Get the block exactly in front of your body and hold your feet firmly on the floor. Now mold your body as you are sitting on a chair, get the block above your head while keeping your hands erect, and hold your breath. Now slowly get the block down while loosing your body, standing up, and release your breath slowly during this process. Now again get the block over your head and mold your body as you are sitting on a chair and hold your breath. Now repeat the process a few times. You will your body relaxed and stress free. Repeat this exercise 5 to 6 times with inhale and exhale of your breath with sequence. This will keep you fit and will give your body a proper shape. There are many other exercises and yoga sequences that one can use to overcome weight problems. Apart from these, try giving up unhealthy diet and give more space to low fat and low carb foods.