Monday, February 18, 2013

Child Eye Care Tips

With the continuous increase in population, the resources are decreasing day by day. There is a rapid increase in health problems due to polluted air and water. If we talk about the health of children, they are having deadly health problems and one of the reasons is inferior quality of food. Most of the problems are related to the eyes of children. Every second child is suffering from eyes allergy or any other problem. There is a difference in food quality that is served at this time when compared with the food of older times. Now both parents and children don’t have much time for taking care of their health. Problems related to eye sight of children are more serious. Parents should keep an eye on the activities of children. The excessive use of TV and computer is harmful for eye sight. It is sufficient for the Parents’ satisfaction that at least their child is busy in home activities. But according to experts, those children who watch TV for longer hours, need more attention and need to have periodic eye checkups.
Protective Measures:
We are providing you some information about eye sight of the children so that you can get awareness about children eye sight.
If you find redness or irritation in the eyes of your child, wash the eyes with water. If there is no improvement, then go to the doctor for checkup.
There should be a reasonable distance between viewer and the screen otherwise; it is harmful for the eyesight.
There is an increasing trend to dine out. Parents should avoid that for the sake of child’s health. Make your child habitual to eat vegetables like pea, Spinach, carrot and use of fruits that consist of vitamin A in greater amount.
There should be proper light on the book while reading it so that words could be more visible.
Children should avoid the use of mobile phones for playing the games because dangerous rays emit from mobile phone screen which are dangerous for eye sight of children.
If your children go out to play then make it sure that they use protective eyeglasses to avoid bad effects of sunlight.
Use kohl, collyrium and rose water once a day to protect the eyes.
Most important thing to consider, if the eye sight of your child is weak and he is using spectacles, then you should take care that no one should deride of that. It is very important to take care of your child especially of their food and hygiene.