Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Exercise and Heart Disease

According to the report of an American heart association (AHA), there are greater chances of heart diseases for those people who used to sit for the long times. The diseases related to coronary artery are basically due to the extra fats accumulated in the body. This is the artery through which blood is pumped to the heart; if extra fats is accumulated in this artery then there will be problem in blood pumping. Other materials like cholesterol and calcium can also congregate in these arteries. So there is need to avoid their accumulation. Daily exercise not only protects you from hart diseases like heart attack but also from other complications. According to the doctors, heart disease is one of the main reasons of death. Our life has become luxurious and dependent on machines, it makes us lazy. Other factors like intake of food which is dangerous to health and smoking also causes heart diseases.
Blood clotting in veins cause many other diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity etc. These all diseases also help to cause heart diseases. Those people who use insulin have greater chances of having dangerous diseases. Through physical exercises the blood lipid abnormalities can be controlled. Aerobic exercise helps to control blood pressure and enhance hearts blood pumping ability. In case of heart attack doctors’ advice to exercise 20-30 minutes daily. Morning walk is also very beneficial for the heart patients. Through aerobic exercise and walk you can increase 50% of the age. You should avoid sitting for long hours and lifts. Other factors can also cause heart diseases like stress, relationship problems etc. Stress leads to high blood pressure, smoking and overeating. It is necessary to be relaxed to avoid all these problems. A simple tip is also very good for health and relaxation, close your eyes and take deep breath for 3 times. It will help you to release your tension and give you relaxation. Diet for healthy heart can the use of grains that helps to reduce cholesterol level, fruit and vegetables will help you to be healthy and use of 2 or 3 pieces of garlic boiled in milk daily is very good for heart care. People who are having these problems should go for regular checkups.