Friday, February 22, 2013

Disadvantages of cigarettes,Cause and Dsceases

It is a known fact that tobacco smoking has many disadvantages. Medical research has found that smoking is a major factor for developing several health problems such as lung cancer, emphysema Cigarettes consisit of these elements:
and cardiovascular disease.
Nicotin is often pointed out as the most dangerous substance in tobacco but there are others which include:
• Arsenic,
• Cyanide,
• Carbon monoxide (found in car exhaust fumes)
• Formaldehyde (used to embalm bodies),
• Ammonia Bromide (a toilet cleaner )
Death from disease caused by smoking (even if they don’t cause death)
• carbon monoxide reduces the amount of oxygen blood can carry to the brain;
• cigarette smoke makes the blood thicker and more likely to clot
• Almost half of all the bladder and kidney cancer in men are caused by smoking
• Smoker get deeper wrinkles all over their faces
• An increase in your heartbeat rate
• A sharp rise in blood pressure
• Lung Cancer
• Throat Cancer
• Mouth Cancer
• Many other types of cancer have also been linked to tobacco use
• Emphysema
• Bad effects on eyes
• Smoker are prone to premature thinning and graying of the hair
• Asthma
• Decreased lung function
• Cost of cigarette and other paraphernalia such as lighters
• Decreased acceptance by non-smokings peers
• The lingering odor of smoke on body and clothing
• Lowered abilityto exercise due to inability to breathe
Smoking is Expensive:
Beside the fact that smoking causes damage to the health, it can be a very expensive habit! Smoking a pack of cigarettes a day can cost up to $1,800 dollars a year depending on the country you live in.