Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How to prevent Mosquit

As the weather changes, Mosquitoes are seen in abundance everywhere. Departing winter and coming summer and dying summer and prevailing winter, bring different insects and Mosquitoes. They are at such a large scale in number that it uneasy for us to survive. These insects bring with them lots of diseases. Most of the insect killers are useless most of the time. The frequent use of these insect killers is harmful for our health, so, should be used abstinently. Female mosquitoes are more dangerous than the male and cause dingy and Malaria. Some steps are suggested in the following for the prevention of Mosquito bites; first of all see where is the main source of Mosquitoes, it has often been observed stagnant water is the main source of Mosquito birth, opened gutter and grass is another source, first of all call municipal committee to cover up these places and we our self should try to make our area neat and clean and free from defilement. Try to wear full Sleeves and apply Mosquito prevention lotion before going to sleep. Net should be used on doors and windows so that mosquitoes should not come in freely. The use of Air Conditioner also prevents from such insects.