Monday, February 18, 2013

Negative Calorie Foods

Negative calories food means the type of foods which provide extra calories to your body that often cause obesity. Experts say that it cannot be proved scientifically that how any food can be the reason of negative calories. Because every food has some nutrients that put different effects on the bodies of different individuals. It can be the case that same food leaves different effects on two people. So, it is not right to say about any food that it is negative calories food. Negative calories food is a food that provides effects to your body opposite to the expected ones. Same thing happens when you use any food to reduce your weight but it works adversely and gives your body extra calories that make you fat. Such kind of food can be said as negative calories food. But as we have mentioned earlier that every food item has carbohydrates, proteins and fats so, it depends on your body digestive system that what type of effect it takes from these nutrients: positive or negative.
It can be proved with an example: according to experts you should drink one glass of water before your every meal. It clears your stomach to and eaten food is easily digested in this way. By doing this, you will also eat less as compared to situation when you eat without having a glass of water at the start. But your weight keeps on increasing instead of decreasing. The reason of this obesity may be the excess quantity of water in your body. Here, we are giving you some information for the awareness about negative calories food.
Vegetables are the best foods to avoid the effects of negative calories. Vegetables have a quality to absorb extra water. As, there are 8 calories in one cup of salad leaves so, you never need to be worried while using salads in your meals. You can use onion with salad as it gives 64 calories only.
Negative calories vegetables:
Brinjal, cabbage, celery, salad, carrot, tomato, calabash, fennel, spinach etc., all are negative calories vegetables. Their use can be good if you use green vegetables with these vegetables. You can use homemade pickle (chemical free) with these vegetables.
Fruits are very good for negative calories. But there should be a balance while using fruits in your daily routines. There are some fruits like grapes and pineapple which can be the reason of acidity. So, there should be balance between both fruits and vegetables. Fruits according to negative calories are:
Apple, blue berries, lemon, mango, oranges, pineapple, strawberry etc.
We should be careful while having some food with enzymes or nutrition and there should be a balance in the usage of vegetables and fruits because different food items have different effect for different people.