Monday, February 18, 2013

Weight loss with fruits

Fruits for weight loss:
Doctors, dietitians and nutritionists have always emphasized on the importance of fruits for weight loss. Fruits have a very low ratio of ugly calories and no fats at all, which protects you from different health concerns. Various fruits have Photochemical that prevents high blood pressure and protect you from cancer and diabetes. The use of fruits for weight loss is very common because of the healthy nutrients inside them. Fruits not only keep us healthy but can also help to reduce weight. Weight reducing fruits are very helpful to give you a smart and slim look; and you do not need to go to any sliming centre.
Many people use medicine and strict dieting tips and plans to reduce their weight. This can help but it can also lead to various health and skin problems. Adding a good portion of fruits to your diet along with needed carbs and fats from other sources, a person can reduce weight in a matter of days. Some fruits even help reduce weight for example:
Grape fruit:

The best fruit that helps a lot in reducing fats and giving our body a handsome look is grapefruit, which is virulent and sour in taste. If you do not want to eat it due to its sour taste, you can drink its juice by mixing a pinch of salt. It will really works if you want to reduce weight within months.
Banana, pineapple, mango and pear:

All above fruits are high carbohydrates fruits, which should be eaten in breakfast. These fruits provide sufficient energy and calories for a good start of the day. These fruits are easy to digest and provide plenty of energy.

Orange is an enriched source of vitamin C and B. It helps fight against many skin related diseases due to the presence of Limioid in it. A medium size orange has 80 calories, which are quite sufficient.
Water melon:

Watermelon is full of water and has very little calories and is a matchless fruit to reduce body weight. Fibrous foods are always recommended by doctors to ensure smooth working of the stomach and watermelon is a highly fibrous fruit. Watermelon provides water (hydration) for the digestion of food.
Blue berry:

If you drink blue berry and strawberry juice early in the morning, you will be losing weight in days. A blend of citrus fruits and berries can do awesome job to provide yummy taste and to reduce your weight. Blue berries purify your blood to keeps you active and lively all the day.
Papaya & Peach:

Papaya and peach also prove to be helpful to reduce your weight. Peach juice is very tasty to drink and contains low calories. These are also fibrous fruits that regulate your body cholesterol.
In addition to having fruits in your diet, you must also ensure the presence of other elements that you body needs. Because all fruits have calories and sweet fruits have even more of it, going on a full time fruit diet is not recommended. If you have any medical condition, it is better to consult your doctor for recommendation before you start using fruits to reduce weight.