Monday, February 18, 2013

Decotrate Home with colours

Nobody can deny from the importance of home. It gives us protection, peace, and comfort. All these elements are somewhat dependent on the interior of the house. Interior of a house should be the source of relaxation, joy and comfort. Remember some points of concern which are; choose colors carefully, like light colors gives a spacious and more airy look to the room and dark colors have reverse effect. For decorating the rooms choose a color that contrast with the base color, like with white color use black and orange color. The color contrast with base color can be used for vase, cushions, bed sheets etc. Don’t ignore windows and doors, as they have deep effect on the interior design. Choose the windows that are water proof, sound proof and dust proof. Selection of furniture is also very important. There is variety of furniture that can be used for multi tasks. So choose it wisely.
Here we are giving you some suggestions to make your home worth loving.
Drawing room:
Colors selection is very important for the interior designing. Colors should be selected according to the room location and space. Dining table should have a colorful look like use of colorful mats makes the table looks attractive. Dining room should have one wall with bright color like red or orange and addition of some fruits showpieces will be good. To give a fresh look or effect in dining room use flowers.
Living room
Colors that are perfect for living room are camel, brown, light brown, beige color etc. To give a cool effect use the colors like sky blue, light green. Corner lamps enhance the beauty and comfort of the room because dim lights give very soothing effect.
Bed room
The selection for colors and furniture for the bedroom should be in a way to give cozy and peaceful effect. For bedroom, use natural and warm colors for walls. Bright colors are not appropriate for bedroom. Don’t use marble or granite on the floor. There should be wood or carpet on the floor.
Child room
The room for children should be colorful and the dominant color for girl’s room should be pink and blue for boys. Colorful toys will give a good look.
For kitchen with some base color other suitable colors can be bottle green or golden.
Perfect colors for bathroom can be white, blue and silver.