Monday, February 18, 2013

Couses of Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a type of fat which is made by liver and most important about is that it normalizes and keeps the balance in the performance of body. Cholesterol covers most of our body cells and performs many functions throughout the system. Its shape is like a wax shaped steroid whose limitations are full body. The various functions which cholesterol performs are:
Maintains the outer wall of cells and protect them from breaking.
It also controls the decisions of cells like which materials and molecules are allowed to enter the human body and which are to be restricted.
It also develops the skin hormones.
It increases the production of bile in human body.
It converts sunlight in vitamin D.
Helps to digest the vitamin A, D and E.
One of its major functions is to help in maintaining the discipline of nervous system.
At 200 mg/dl the cholesterol level is considered to be normal, 239 mg/dl is the deadline or the maximum limit for cholesterol and above or up to 240 mg/dl this is considered to be the deadly. There are many reasons because of which cholesterol level may rise:
Excessive usage of eggs and sea food containing cholesterol fats are the major reasons for increment in cholesterol level in human body.
Those people who do not go for physical exercises may have increased LDL and decreased HDL.
Increased weight is considered to be the most prominent reason for the cholesterol increment in human body.
Excessive use of alcohol also increases the cholesterol level.
Now to take control over these reasons relies on the will power of the person. In the field of medical science, people are also given knowledge about the side effects of increase in cholesterol. Cholesterol is only beneficial when the proper diets and exercises are used. There are different ways to control over the cholesterol level and some of them are as follows:
Do not exercise more than your will and capabilities.
Always use fruits, wheat and non-fat foods in your diet in terms of your weight and age. Fat containing elements, which may cause increase in cholesterol levels like eggs and meat must be avoided or used in less quantity.
Fried food must not be used over the limits so that the uncontrolled increment in the body cholesterol levels could be maintained.
At least sleep for 8 hours daily which is one-third part of a day.
Try to burn your fats and decrease the body weight.
Avoid the smoking and drinking liquor or keep it to the minimum level.
By following these certain cholesterol controlling tips you can or anyone can avoid the affects of increased cholesterol.