Wednesday, February 20, 2013

summer season health tips

Summer has arrived and the temperature is increasing day by day. Normal health gets instability when it can not hold the immunity power as the weather changes. So, it is clamatorial to keep the body temperature normal in this weather. There are some adequate steps to meet the body requirements; Less use of tea or coffee, instead green tea should be used, Lemon squash is must at least once a day, eat grapes before going to sleep, use cucumber daily as salad, take bath with fresh water at least twice, take balance diet including protein and vitamins, apply sun block on your skin in order to protect it from direct sun rays. Always try to take fresh juices as much as possible in Summer Season in order to keep yourself fresh and healthy. Summer Season usually prolongs in our country and it effects badly on our bodies, so, there should be less use of spices and more juices. The above mentioned tips prove to be very useful in the prevention of Summer Season.