Monday, February 18, 2013

Summer Eye Care Tips

In summers, sun rays put a very bad effect on skin and eyes as well. Ultraviolet rays of sun are dangerous for the eyes. For protecting the skin, you can use sun screen lotion but what about the eyes? For the purpose of protection of eyes, we are suggesting summer eye care tips that will surely be helpful.
Always use scarf or hat to protect yourself from heat of sun.
If you don’t want to use scarf or hat then go for goggles. Stylish goggles are available in the market.
Summer eye care includes routine eye check-ups that are important for the eyes.
It is also very important to have at least 8 hours of sleep in a day so that you can feel fresh and your eyes can relax.
Greenery is very good for the eyes. Try to have green color effect in your room. For that you can use artificial plants. This makes you feel good and fresh.
Try to avoid smoke and dust. Smoke of the cigarette is very dangerous for the eyes.
When you are sitting in an A/C room, make sure that the direction of the air is not facing your eyes. This can make you eyes dry and sensitive.
Use sun glasses while you are driving the car and same applies when you are on a bike. It protects your eyes from heat stroke.
The most important summer eye care tip is to make vegetables and fruits an essential part of your meal because a big amount of Vitamin A exist in such foods.
Reduce the use of lenses in summers otherwise it can be dangerous for your eye balls.
Use rose water twice a day to clean your eyes.
There is a need to protect your children from heat strokes. Their head should be covered with hat. Protect your children from ultraviolet rays by using UV protective glasses.
Polaroid lens sun glasses are best to protect eyes from UV rays
Use sun glasses in shady areas as well and also when the temperature is comparatively low.
For the beauty and care of the eyes, drink 12 to 14 glasses of water a day.
Try to avoid outside visits from 11am to 3 pm. Because during this time, the number of UV rays is greater.
While using sun screen lotions, take care that it should not be applied on the eyes. It can cause allergy.
Use glasses whenever you go for boating or swimming. So that there should not be the direct link of water to the eyes.

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