Monday, February 18, 2013

Healthy Drink for Ramzan

During Ramadan, we need something different to drink and more energetic as well because of the intense heat and long hours fasts. The drinks that are mostly associated with Ramadan are milk shakes, apple juice, fresh juices and milk. Drinks for Ramadan and nutrients of Ramadan drinks are given in this article.
Milk shakes:
Usually milk shake is associated with the mango because people like to drink mango milk shake very much. Mango shake is very tasteful but you should not drink it more than once a day because it is not healthy. Except mango, you can drink the date’s shake that is very healthy and full of energy.
No other liquid is better than milk especially for “Sehri”. It not only provides you the calories but also gives you calcium. If you don’t like milk then you can mix Ovaltien in it, which is available in many flavors or you can add saffron in milk to get a different taste.
Strawberry juice:
Strawberry drink is best for summers and Ramadan as well because it is a rich source of energy and it provides calories to the body so you can consider this tasty drink for Sehri and Aftari.
Tea or coffee:
Most of the people are habitual of drinking hot drinks like coffee and tea, which is not healthy because these drinks increase you thirst. Ice tea or ice coffee is better than tea and coffee; best for Ramadan.
Nobody can deny the importance of water as it is important to not only quench the thirst but also needed by the human body for proper functioning of internal systems. In Ramadan, you should drink 3 – 4 glasses of water in Sehri and 4-5 glasses in Aftari to meet the body requirements.
Watermelon juice:
This juice is considered as the best source to keep your body and skin hydrated. It also helps to produce hemoglobin. For making water melon juice, take a water melon, cut it into small pieces, put it in the blender, add ice cubes and blend it very well. You can also add lemon juice and salt in it.
Lemon Shikanjbeen:
An awesome drink for Ramadan is lemon Shikanjbeen with mint leaves and it has no side effects.
Mint and peach green tea:
For making green tea of mint and peach, take two cups of water, five green tea bags, 12 ounce of peach pulp1/2 cup mint leaves and 3 Tb sugar. Boil the water in a sauce pan, add tea bags and cover the lid for five minutes. After that, take the tea bags out of eth pan, and add sugar, pulp, mint leaves in it. Cover the pan and place it in the airy place for two hours. After 2 hours, add ice cubes and your drink is ready. It is very essential for your Ramadan diet.