Monday, February 18, 2013

Is Your job making you fat? Than you Should

You can observe that most of the people who work in an office are suffering from obesity. They have to sit on the chair for 6 to 8 hours in a day and with the passage of time, they suffer from obesity. If your job is making you fat, you should take proper measures to control it. According to experts, people who have to work for the whole day while sitting on their seats usually fall a prey to obesity. This problem is also associated with the nature of your job.
Is your Job making you Fat: Reasons
The main reason for this obesity is the excess of calories in your body due to the working condition. The burned calories are restored in your body when you work while sitting on the same place. All of us are used to the tough routines of life and this is the main reason that we do not pay proper attention to our diet and meals. Also the meals from outside the house contributes a lot in increasing the calories in body. Another reason is the routines of our lunchtime. Most often, we do not eat lunch at 2 P.M and prefer to eat at evening time with friends. This is improper time to have lunch. To provide proper energy to your body, the lunch should be taken at proper time.
It is also observed that we order meals with more calories like zinger, pizza etc. at lunchtime. Remember, such kind of foods contains a big amount of calories that not only cause the obesity but many other diseases are the outcome of these foods. When you sit at one place and regularly eat something, it also causes the fatness of your body. The excess use of cold drinks also becomes a reason for obesity. If you use cold drinks for two times in a week with your friends and colleagues, it generates lot of calories in your body.
Is your Job Making You Fat: Treatment

The first solution is your diet. You will have to use proper food if you want to get rid of obesity. Take proper food instead of busy schedule of life. Avoid eating improper food like burger, zinger and pizza because there is a big amount of calories in these foods. Eliminate the use of soft drinks and cold drinks. Also avoid the drinks which contain a little bit amount of caffeine in them which provide excess energy to your body. Actually, all these drinks provide energy to your body but on the other hand, they are the big reason for obesity. So, try to avoid their usage. During the working process, try to have some fruit instead of improper and insufficient food. For instance, apples are best for providing calories to your body and these kinds of fruits are also used in diet. Avoid taking tension as it will cut down your sleep which is not good for your health. Restrict the tensions of office to its building and keep your mind fresh at your home.
Try to be happy always and lead a peaceful life. In this way, you will lead a healthier life. Develop the habits of exercise on daily basis whether the duration of exercise is ten to fifteen minutes. You can practice yoga in this regard. Do not eat oily foods and prefer vegetables on meat. The only way to get rid of obesity is to act upon these advises otherwise, you cannot escape from fatness.