Monday, February 18, 2013

How to Deal With Depression

The severe challenges of life cause depression especially when we are unemployed. The world is facing severe economic depression during the last few decades and it ruthlessly hit the under developed countries. That economic depression causes inflation, which results into the rise in prices of commodities. So, economic reasons squeeze us, resulting into mental depression. Pakistan is a developing country that is affected by the recession badly and people of the Pakistan are unable to get their basic needs because of inflation. Under these tough situations one question arises, “How to deal with depression during unemployment”? The following detailed article can guide you very well to come out of this situation.
Along with the inflation, Pakistani nation has got some other gifts from the government of Pakistan like electricity and gas shortage. And all these problems gave birth to a worse problem; unemployment, which means people have working capabilities but do not have opportunities to work and serve the country. The reasons of the unemployment include, the companies have high hiring, firing rate, do not give chance to the fresh graduates and always want experienced persons and above all the recruitment and selection process for most of the jobs are not merit based. It is estimated that the unemployment rate of Pakistan in year 2010 was 15.4%, which increased three times in 2011 and further expected to rise.
If we go in depth of the problem, we came to know that the unemployment rate in the urban areas is higher than the rural areas because people of small towns and villages prefer to live and earn in big cities. For that, they shift to the big cities and the result is unemployment, which causes a situation of unrest and depression among the unemployed people. Unemployment is the root cause of many social evils, insensitivity and crimes. Jobless people are unable to cope up with the problems and have to face the tough problems of life, the result is the increased ratio of crimes and upset (stressed) people. But we should not lose the hope and keep trying to get what we deserve. Instead of being discontented and upset, we should try to be in high spirits that everything will be all right. We want the people of our beloved country to be satisfied and happy, that is why we are giving you some suggestions to get rid of tension.
Keep yourself busy so that you cannot get time to think about the bad circumstances.
Do not lose hope ever and believe in yourself that you will get the best sooner or later.
Make efforts to find the suitable job because there is tough competition, so you have to strive to get the job.
Try to have good company because friends have a deep effect on ones personality and way of life.
Always think about the best things in your life; the things you are blessed by the God. We are sure that all these suggestions will help you people to away away from fretfulness.