Monday, February 18, 2013

Liver Health Diet

Liver performs many functions in our body; it absorbs many elements of food and energy, it also helps in the storage of glucose in our body and provides vitamins A and D. It produces an important element called albumin that exists in our blood. All of these functions are very sensitive and if liver does not work properly, it will cause many health problems. When liver does not perform accurately, all important functions of body are disturbed, it may also lead to injurious diseases like jaundice.
How to prevent such diseases for the proper functioning of liver and how to keep liver healthy? These are the important questions, which should be resolved. For this reason, we are proving liver health diet. Everyone should follow these instructions to ensure the proper functioning of the liver. These are very simple to implement. Use this valuable information in your daily routines and have a healthy life.
Fresh fruits clean the liver and enable it to work well because fruits provide proteins (energy) and minerals to the liver. Apple is the prime fruit than all other fruits because it is the rich source of proteins. Fresh milk intake also enhances the liver performance and its age.
According to the research of experts the vegetables which don’t need to be cooked can be eaten in fresh (uncooked) form like carrot, cabbage and other green vegetables. These vegetables can also be used as salad because green vegetables are rich in vitamin D & A.
Dry fruits and fish especially Tuna have essential oil protein. Make these edibles part of you diet.
Our body also gets protein from meat. If you don’t like to eat meat you can make soup of it.
Avoid fry foods because these foods are considered as junk foods that can cause cancer and asthma.
Cake, biscuits [sweets] and pasta affect blood circulation and increase blood sugar level. So, you should not eat it more frequently. Artificial fruits flavored juices are very harmful for lives because these increase the blood acidity and inefficient work of lives will be the result.
Useful tips for health liver:
Water intake dilutes the blood and keeps your liver healthy. Liver needs minerals to get vitamins from food so that it can pass on to the other parts of the body.
Reduce the use of sweets and use sugar free products to maintain sugar level.
Use honey for sweet flavors. Honey is very healthy for skin and lives.
A chart is available about the useful life of edibles which is prepared by health expert .You should keep the food according to that chart.
Fats are harmful for lives it accumulates in body and block the veins. Therefore, avoid foods with heavy fats.
Yogurt cleanses the blood and provides energy to the liver. One should eat yogurt in breakfast daily.