Monday, February 18, 2013

Tips for Exercising in Summer

Daily exercise is a secret of healthy long life, it not only keeps you physically fit but mentally relax as well. There are many benefits of exercise that enables you to live an ideal life, are given following.
keeps you in a good physical shape
Saves you from many diseases such as osteoporosis, heart diseases etc
Helps you to be active and energetic
Avoid fatigue and enables you to work for long hours
There is no doubt that exercise is very good for the hale and hearty life but we should keep in mind the fact that exercises are different for different seasons. The exercise suitable for the winter season cannot always be opt for the summer i.e. you can go for the exercises that need heavy efforts in winters but not for the summers because of the high temperature and other problems like fatigue, joints stretchiness etc. This article is published to explain the appropriate exercises for different seasons. You should also consider the time factor in mind; morning time is best for exercise. Following are the critical issue related to the exercise.
Sudden change in temperature:
Majority of the people start exercise in an open area and move to the air-conditioned room after sometime i.e. 15 – 20. It is not a good practice for your physical health because it causes dehydration. You should give some time to your body to normalize the internal temperature then you can change the place for exercise.
3-liter water is recommended for the person who exercises daily, to meet the requirements of the body systems. Water keeps your internal temperature stable and helps body parts to work properly but avoid drinking water immediately after the exercise.
Avoid tight outfits:
Do not wear tight dress of dark colors during exercise so that air can pass through clothes and you feel relax in lose outfits.
Avoid jogging in summers because it leads to the dehydration due to the workout in hot weather. Jogging is important to maintain your physical shape and to reduce the weight but it is harmful in summers because you feel tiresome, thirst and to quench the thirst you would drink water or juice that remove the jogging effect and energy. If you are habitual of jogging then you should go for jogging early in the morning because at that time all body organs are in relax state.
Other protective procedures:
Try to avoid direct exposure to the sun during summers to avoid the harmful effects of sun-rays and sunstroke.
Do not eat heavy & negative calories food.
Make a timetable and spend your day according to that schedule.