Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Eye Care tips

Eyes is the most impressive and sensitive part of our face. Eyes enhance our facial beauty, but if something goes wrong with eyes, the whole face gets hideous. It is necessary for both men and women to take very good care of eyes in order to avoid different diseases. No one can deny the beauty of eyes, so, that is the reason the poets generally elaborate the beauty of eyes in their poetry.
If we pay some attention to the eyes, we can easily cure them from diseases like weak eye sight, glaucoma (debilitating problem) etc.
• The most important thing is to take care of your eye sight, for this purpose vitamins play a major role. We should use vitamin A, B2 and D, the deficiency of vitamin B2 causes eyes aching and redness.
• We should use carrot, spinach, salads, green vegetables, fish, and yellow vegetables and orange in abundance because they are helpful in not only making the eye sight strong but also help us to work in dim light.
• While reading or writing, light must come from behind, so that it may not cause the burdening of the eyes. Pore Rose water into eyes at least twice a day, it prevents eye-aching and makes the eyes more beaming.
• There should be proper timing of rest for the eyes in order to keep them in accordance. Use sun glasses before going out into the sun light. It is very good for our eyes to look directly to the sun when it is early dawn.
• Cucumber proves to be the best tonic for eyes in the summer. Put slices of cucumber on eyes for ten minutes and after it wash them with cold water; it would give soothing effects to the eyes and would bring freshness. These little but useful tips prove to be a blessing for our eyes.
• Sleep of 8 – 10 hours is very necessary for the eyes to keep them fresh and bright.
• Greenery gives a soothing effect to the eyes. You should decorate your room in a way that gives a view of fresh green grass.
• Water is very necessary and we should wash our eyes with cool water at least twice a day.
Eyes are the blessing of the God, so we should be conscious about the eyes health and take protective measures to keep them safe and vivid.