Monday, February 18, 2013

Green Tea for Weight Loss

Green tea is also known as “Sabz Qehwa” in Urdu. Mostly, it is taken after the meals because it reduces weight. This tea has natural herbs in it, which help to maintain the shape of your body and keep you healthy. It has no side effects. If someone wants to be healthy and fit, one should regularly use green tea more than once a day.
Now let’s talk about some of the benefits of it:
Everyone is conscious about their weight because it can become serious if not taken care of. Stop drinking fizzy drinks; a glass of one coke contains 18 to 20 tablespoons of sugar, which is very harmful for the body. Instead, replace it with this tea.
Green tea can help to reduce a lot of weight and one can feel it, because it is free of bad calories. Nevertheless, one thing that should be taken care of, is not to use sugar with it. It really works if taken 2 to 3 times a day. You will notice weight loss with immediate effect. The sugar we are using nowadays contains lots of chemicals so better not to use it especially in tea and green tea. It tastes even better if green tea is taken with lemon and honey and it also helps in digestion as well.
Nowadays there are different flavours of green tea available in markets to choose from. If you are making it at your home, add cinnamon in it. It gives a nice aroma and taste to your green tea. Everyone likes to check out different flavours, so one can even change the flavour of green tea after every few days.
Doctors and nutritionist firmly believe that coke and other fizzy drinks should be replaced with iced green tea and coffee should be replaced with hot green tea. People who are take bed tea or coffee should start taking green tea because coffee and tea have adverse effects on us and it has lots of caffeine which is very harmful for health.
One should regularly take it to remain active and healthy. Use of green tea is very effective but one should use a good quality green tea, made from quality ingredient and should not have additives in it.
Always buy the green tea of a recognized brand.
Say a no to fast foods and especially oily foods like chips and nuggets because it increases weight very fast. Try using organic green tea, which is more beneficial.
Try taking green tea between meals so that it works more effectively and faster. It helps the metabolism to work efficiently.
Green tea doesn’t do magic that once you drink and the weight is gone, it takes time to reduce weight so be patient. It works slowly but it prevents you from blood pressure, cancer and from bone diseases. It is also very good for the heart.